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Major Achievement

Construction of Hazara Motorway

Client: NHA
Cost: PKR 09 Billion
One of AM Associates major achievements is the “Construction of the Hassanabdal-Havelian section of expressway ‘E-35’ Package-2 from Jarikas to Sarai Saleh”, commonly known as Hazara Motorway. The project was first and the most integral part of “China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’’.

CPEC is a Network System that will not only support China and Pakistan but will also have a positive impact on Iran, Afghanistan, India, the Central Asian Republic and rest of the world. The project emphasizes on improving global links through enhanced bridges, rail and air transport networks with regular and open development transfers together with people-to-people interactions. This infrastructure development will establish communication among different cultures resulting in higher volume of business and trade flows. It will open doors to new opportunities where alliance with optimal industries will result in marvels of creations for the global community. The collaboration will contribute to peace and growth, starting a new era of industrialization.

Keeping the significance of the project in mind with more than 25 years of experience, AM Associates embarked on venture with full commitment and professionalism. The project Hazara motorway ‘E-35’ Package-2 is a new construction in a hilly area connecting Hassanabadal from M-1 motorway interchange at Burhan to Havelian. The topography of the natural ground consisted on undulation of high hilly cut areas to the deep gorges. The project comprised of construction of 19.21 KM length of motorway with two interchanges at Hattar road and Khanpur road. The structure work comprised of construction of seven bridges, six flyovers, eight underpasses, forty-two box culverts and nine pipe culverts. The interchanges include the four Steel structured toll plazas, four control buildings and four weigh stations along with buildings. Complete street lighting system has been provided on both interchanges including transformers, automatic lighting control panels, distribution boards and other electrical fixtures and accessories. In order to protect the motorway from water effecting embankment and secure the design life of the project, extensive drainage system has been provided throughout the motorway along with embankment protection works such as grouted stone pitching, grouted rip rap, underground drainage system, side drains and chutes etc. Together with this, detailed traffic road signs, road markings, guard rails and dukes are provided for safety of road commuters. The original scope of the project was a 4-lane expressway which was latterly converted into 6-lane motorway after passage of half time execution period of the structure. Providing the best of AMs` efforts in meeting demand of the employer in a compressed time span, increasing the resources of the project by almost 2.5 times the original resources and without compromising on the quality and safety standards, the project was successfully completed on the requisite time span desired by the employer.

Moreover, the contract was mainly financed under the Asian Development Bank’s loan. The contract between the contractor “M/s CGGC-AM Associates JV and the employer NHA concluded in compliance with the ADB’s guidelines for the procurement. The plan was implemented by AM Associates as a joint venture with China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC). We are proud to be part of such a revolutionary development in the eastern part of the world and will continue to push ourselves in developing the future of the world.

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